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Oak Creek Energy – Wind Power Developer of Tomorrow

Oak Creek Energy started its wind power project activities in 1982 in Mojave, California. Led by wind energy veterans, Oak Creek Energy is one, of the original wind developers and operators.

Oak Creek Energy originated the gigawatt - scale Alta Wind Energy Center. Backed by a 1,550 MW renewable energy power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, this cutting-edge development utilizes the largest renewable energy transmission project in the country. This led Oak Creek Energy into the Latin Markets. Tres Mesas Wind Farm was awarded “Project of the Year” by MIREC and “Latin American Deal of the Year” by IJ Global in 2015

Page About 2-minOak Creek Energy’s experienced team of professionals is committed to leveraging its sound economic business platform and pioneering wind energy development philosophies to meet their goals. As global power markets increasingly embrace renewable energy, and maturing wind technologies in particular, Oak Creek Energy is at the forefront of this fundamental shift. Its full-circle wind power development services and long-standing expertise ensure Oak Creek Energy will remain a renewable energy leader.


Mission Statement

Oak Creek Energy’s mission is to energize the world through the development, construction, and operation of clean, renewable, sustainable energy, leveraging the company’s sound economic business platform and experienced team of passionate professionals.Oak Creek Energy_Canavarro