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Oak Creek Energy - Wind industry experts with the experience and track record of developing, constructing, and operating successful renewable energy projects.

Who We Are

Oak Creek Energy is a developer of utility scale wind energy projects, based in Escondido, California. Oak Creek Energy's team is comprised of professionals in all areas of expertise for the successful development, construction, operation and management of renewable energy projects. This team is led by wind power veterans, with over 130 years of combined wind industry experience and expertise in the development, management and operation of wind farms in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Local Partners for Optimal Value

Oak Creek Energy often teams with local partners for wind power project development. This approach combines our deep industry experience with local knowledge and contacts, creating mutually beneficial relationships with landowners, businesses and community leaders to create enhanced value from projects.
  Our Approach

Oak Creek Energy originates or partners with others to develop uniquely tailored renewable energy projects. We apply expertise in turbine technology, project structuring, siting, permitting, transmission and interconnection. The result is superior wind farm value creation for stakeholders, and eco-friendly, inexhaustible, inexpensive energy for a sustainable, bright energy future.

Development Successes

Oak Creek Energy commenced in 1982 as a wind farm in the Tehachapi-Mojave area of California. Many years later, Oak Creek Energy originated the Gigawatt-scale Alta Wind Energy Center in the same area. This development is backed by a 1,550 MW renewable energy power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, and utilizes the largest renewable energy transmission project in the country.

Oak Creek Energy also successfully developed the largest behind the meter wind project in the US, a 24 MW project located near Mojave, California.

Oak Creek Energy is currently developing a pipeline of utility scale wind energy projects in the Illinois, Nevada, California and Mexico.
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